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Of course, we would love to see you at every sale, but we know life gets in the way many times. Please read the following if you are wanting to bid on an item, but can not make the sale.

There are three ways to absentee bid and rules are the same for all.

1-PROXY BIDDER-Have a friend bid for you!

2-POCKET BID-You tell us your final bid amount. We spend your money as if it was our own, getting the item for the lowest price we can. If the bid goes over the amount you have set, we no longer bid.

3-PHONE BID-We call you when the item(s) comes up for sale and you bid over the phone. This is not always an option as we do many sales where there is no cell coverage and we have limited employees to be on the phone.


-Please call at least two (2) business days prior to the sale. DO NOT CALL SALE DAY without prior contact with us.

-Please provide: 

Name, Address and Phone Number

How you wish to bid and your bid limit (if doing a pocket bid)

Bank name, phone number and account number.

A letter of credit for larger dollar amounts (can be emailed to

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